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Hoa Binh’s cave recognised as national relic site

The Dau Rong (Dragon Head) cave system in Cao Phong district of the northern province of Hoa Binh was awarded a certificate recognising it as a national relic site on November 17.
The 200m high Dragon Head Mountain housing the cave system is shaped like a lying dragon that stretches out more than one km just 500 metres from National Highway 6.

Numerous caves have been found in the mountain and were given beautiful names, such as Hoa Son (Flower Mountain), Nhan Long Son (Dragon Eye Mountain), Thanh Thuy (Blue Water) or Khong Day (Bottomless).

The caves took shape when water flows through the limestone mountain for thousands of years, with countless stalactites resembling all sorts of things depending on visitors’ imagination.

In the time ahead, local authority in Cao Phong district will call for investment to develop tourism, bringing visitors to the national relic site.


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