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Ben Thanh among world’s best food markets

The market, a destination for many tourists, is one of the oldest surviving buildings in the area. Located in a lively area of the city, visitors can stop by the market to enjoy textiles, souvenirs, handicrafts and, of course, local cuisine. Many of the vendors are cooking up fresh food that's made to order, writes the American newspaper.

Visitors stop here for a "real Vietnamese meal", like entire fish that are deep-fried. Many stalls also sell Vietnamese prepared beverages, like smoothies and iced coffee. In the evening, you can visit the market and sit at a number of sidewalk temporary restaurants serving local dishes like pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) and banh canh cua (crab noodle soup), it says.

Ben Thanh market possesses the most ancient architecture, which is praised as one of the most attractive tourist sites in the megacity. Constructed by the Brossard et Maupin Construction Company in 1912, it was earlier called New market or Saigon market to distinguish it from Old market. After 1957, it was renamed Ben Thanh market.

The famous market has four entrances and four sections, a roof clock tower, and overlooks four main streets of District 1. At present, the market has more than 3,000 stalls that sell wholesale and retail items from food to luxury goods. Beside souvenir, fashion and footwear stores, visitors will see the zone for food with hundreds of cuisines sourced from every corner of the country.

From Hanoi’s pho to Hue’s banh beo (rice cake), Vietnamese’s hu tieu (noodle), spring rolls, and more, culture in Ben Thanh market is a wonderful mixture of cuisines of different regions to form a diversified and unique feature for the market, which are both familiar and new.

Ben Thanh market is ranked 15th in the USA Today’s list of the "Best food markets around the world", a list of culinary destinations that invite guests to explore all of their senses and indulge in authentic and traditional foods. Whether you are looking for souvenirs to take home, a quick snack or a full traditional meal, these markets offer a delicious taste of culture.

The USA Today ranked the 45 best markets around the world based on their critical acclaim, how reflective they are of the local region, and the importance of food and drink at the market. The list includes many areas in the world, but mainly in Europe and Asia which boast long-standing cultures. The top three selected markets are La Boqueria market (Barcelona, Spain), Borough market (London, UK) and Noryangjin fish market (Seoul, Republic of Korea).

Food markets around the world invite visitors to indulge all of their senses, from taking in the colorful sights of fresh produce to smelling the wafting scents of fresh seafood or traditional dishes. Markets have been part of city life for centuries, and have now evolved to be popular tourist attractions, said the USA Today.

Locals visit their city's market to pick up fresh produce, meats, seafood and spices to stock their home kitchens, while tourists can visit local markets to learn about the culture by sampling local and traditional fare, adds the newspaper

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