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Air: Internal flights operate between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap for Angkor with the national airline is Cambodia Angkor Air www.cambodiaangkorair.com, the flight time is about 45 minutes

Taxi is very common in developed country but not really in Cambodia. Of course Taxi is available upon the arrival at international airport and most visitors prefer to get to the center of the town with taxi. However, they are not metered so the price has to be fixed in advance and the rate is quite high compare to other method such as Tuk Tuk and motorbike-taxi but it is the most secure way to go.

Taxi is not a common way to travel in Cambodia due to its rare availability. Local people do not prefer taxi because of its high rate so not many companies invest in this field but you should not find it difficult to find a taxi in Phnom Penh. Just drop them a call, they will be right at your hotel so you should fine a phone number of the taxi company or thanks to the hotel find for you

Tuk Tuk is one of the most popular means in Cambodia, Thailand and Laos. Now Tuk Tuk is available in most areas especially tourist cities. For every visitor, traveling by Tuk Tuk is acceptable and it is available up on the arrival at international airport. Up to 4 people can be one a single Tuk Tuk, why we recommend using Tuk Tuk to get around towns and cities. It is a safe way to go after Taxi and the rate is far lower. If you want to go to countryside, motorbike-taxi might not available so only taxi and Tuk Tuk. Again with Tuk Tuk, you can enjoy the journey with up to 4 people and fresh air at the same time. Moreover, Tuk Tuk is neither so hard nor easy to find but finding the one who can speak English is not so easy and if you manage to find one, you should ask for his phone number. He will be right to you one you need him

Cyclo as in Vietnam and Laos, the cyclo (pedicab) is a cheap way to get around urban areas. In Phnom Penh or main cities cyclo drivers can either be flagged down on main roads or found loitering around markets and major hotels. It is necessary to bargain the fare if taking a cyclo from outside an expensive hotel or popular restaurant or bar. Fares range from 1000r to US$1 (about 4000r). There are few cyclos in the provinces and in Phnom Penh the cyclo is fast losing ground to the moto.

Rail: Cambodia has only one functioning train service, running once a week from Phnom Penh Railway Station to Battambang on Saturdays and vice-versa on Sundays. Although the carriage is basic and the trip takes longer than going by bus, it's an excellent way of viewing rural Cambodia.

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