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Language and communication

The official national language of Vietnam is Vietnamese which is spoken by the majority of the population. Besides Vietnamese, The French language, a legacy of colonial rule, is still spoken by some older Vietnamese as a second language, but has declined in popularity. Vietnam nevertheless remains a full member of the Francophonie. Russian – and to a much lesser extent German, Czech and Polish – are known among some Vietnamese whose families had ties with the Soviet bloc during the Cold War. In recent years, as Vietnam's contacts with Western nations have increased, English has become more popular as a second language; the study of English is now obligatory in most schools, replacing French, though the latter is used at times in higher education. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean have also grown in popularity as Vietnam's links with China, Japan and South Korea have strengthened

3G USB air card dongles and SIMs for Vietnam are available from main cell providers Viettel, Mobiphone, Vinaphone and Beeline. Service is quite cheap, much less than in Thailand and similar internet speed as Laos. As registration is required, it's easier for visitors to have the purchase process handled by a local, perhaps through their hotel or travel agents. The USB modem, SIM and data for a month should come to about $35 total. Viettel apparently has the best coverage in Vietnam, especially upcountry

How to make direct call?
- International code: 00
- Domestic code: 0
- Vietnam code: 84

- To Vietnam: 00 + 84 + [city / network code] + [phone number]
- From Vietnam: 00 + [destination-country code] + [phone number]
- Within city: [phone number]
- To other city: 0 + [city code] + [phone number]
- To city phone: 0 + [Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City’s code] + [phone number]
(dial phone number directly when you are in the same city)
- To mobile phones: 0 + [network code] + [phone number]
- From mobile phones: 0 + [city / network code] + [phone number]

Internet Access in Vietnam
Today the Internet is widely available throughout towns and cities in Vietnam, especially ADSL services are used in most hotels, restaurants and coffee shops with high speed internet.
Hotels and somewhere else may apply varied charges on internet usage. It’s easy for tourists to get access to the internet here, what you need is only your personal notebook or laptop (with “standard” modem) as hotels offer several facilities in the room. You can buy prepaid cards to save cost. They are sold at most post offices. Remember that the power supply voltage may vary from that at your home, risking damage your equipment. So use it with care!

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