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Booking Terms & Conditions

1.1. In this booking guidelines (which shall be deemed to include the Schedules hereto) unless the context otherwise requires:
- Company means Discovery Indochina Travel who provides or sells travel product services for Customer;
- Customer mean you, the person who agree to buy travel products and/or any person on whose behalf you agree to purchase the products and who is listed on the reservation form;
- Tour means the trip or vacation being booked by the Customer;
- Booking means an order by a Customer in respect of the Products (or related services or products);
- Confirmation Invoice means the invoice issued by The Company confirming the tour and setting out the total cost of the tour;
- Price means the sum shown on a Confirmation Invoice in United States Dollar ($US);
- Deposit means the sum paid by a customer for the purchase of the tour or any travel service at the time of a Booking;
- Balance means sums paid by Customers as final payment for the purchase of tour or travel products whether in addition to Deposits or inclusive of Deposits;
- Balance Due Date means the day on which any Customer is liable to make full payment of the agreed price as notified by The Company via the Booking Systems or verbally at the time of booking;
- Product contract means the agreement between a Customer and The Company, in respect of any Product, made in accordance with the Booking Conditions and which shall be effective on the date of issue of the first Confirmation Invoice in respect of that Booking;

1.2. Unless otherwise specified, all financial values set out in any Clause of this Agreement are exclusive of Value Added Tax, or any other equivalent tax which may be imposed by the Vietnamese Government;

2.1. Formation of the contract
The contract is the agreement between the Customer and The Company, this contract is valid unless the contract or booking form signed by customer and the deposit or full payment implemented by Customer as agreement

2.2. Termination of the contract
The Company reserves the right to terminate the Contract if the behavior, conduct, manner and/or action of the Customer either prior to or during the Tour is likely to cause offence to other customers, or endanger the safety, well-being, properties and/or benefits of other customers or of the Customer himself/herself. In such cases, full cancellation charges as set out in Section 6 below shall apply and the Company shall have no further liability to the Customer. If the behavior, conduct, and/or action of the Customer causes any damage to the accommodation in which the Customer is staying, or causes delay or diversion to any means of transportation and/or the Tour, the Customer agrees to fully indemnify the Company against any claim (including legal costs) made against the Company by or on behalf of any relevant third party.

3.1. Deposit
A Non Refundable deposit equivalent of 20% of total amount, shall be made at the time of booking or after date of signature of the Contract

3.2. Full Payment
The full payment shall be made no later than 6 weeks (45 days) prior to the Customer’s arrival, of if the booking is made less than 45 days (2 months) prior to the Customer’s arrival, the full payment shall be made at the time of booking, signing the contract or the reservation form

In the event of the full payment not reaching our account by the due date, we reserve the right to cancel all reservations and the contract between us.

Please note that, for convenience, we price in United States dollars. Where price equivalents in VND or any other currency are given, they are for guidance only and must not be taken as firm prices. Both deposit and final payment must be made in US dollars and if you choose to pay in a currency other than US dollars, the price in the invoice will be at the exchange rate prevailing on the day we issue it.

3.3. Payment methods
We provide you 3 ways to make the payment:
Cash Payment
The payment by Cash shall be allowed by our staff upon confirmation. Normally, this method applied for customers who live in Vietnam.

Credit Card Payment
For payment made by credit card, a surcharge due to bank fee will be applied to the total amount; currently 3% for Visa and MasterCard, and 4% for American Express.
Please click here for credit card payment form,
fill in and send to us by fax through: Fax: (848) 62 998 553 (fax is more confidential)
or you can scan and email to E-mail: info@indochinadiscoverytravel.com

Bank transfer
All payments shall be made either by major credit card or by telegraphic transfer to the Company account:
Company’ name: Discovery Indochina Travel Co., Ltd
Address: #5 Floor, Avenus Building
145 Dien Bien Phu Street, Dakao Ward, District 01, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Bank accounts:
VND: 0371 000 41 21 71
USD: 0371 370 41 82 92
Bank: Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam – Tan Dinh Branch

Please note that the bank commission fee in Vietnam and the international bank transaction charges are covered by the client.
Kindly provide us a copy of each transaction stating the booking information, you can scan and send to us by fax through: Fax: (848) 62 998 553 or you can email to E-mail: info@indochinadiscoverytravel.com. The receipt of related bank transaction is subject to the final confirmation from our bank.

- All prices quoted are stated in United States Dollars ($) and are based on transport prices (including the cost of fuel), dues, taxes or fees chargeable at airports and ports, accommodation costs, sightseeing fees and exchange rates current and appropriate at the time of publication. If any of these vary, Tour price may increase or decrease accordingly.
- Any such increase/decrease must be paid by or refunded to the Customer. During the period of 10 days prior to the Customer arrival date, the Tour price shall not be increased by the Company.

In alternative service cases, a one week prior written notification of the alterations shall be made to the Customer by the Company. The Company shall do everything reasonably possible to provide the Customer’s tour itinerary as planned, the Company reserves the right to change itineraries, transport and/or accommodation.

A. Cancellation by the Company
(i) If the Tour is not paid for by the due date, the Company shall have the right to cancel the Tour. If the Company, at the request of the Customer, agrees to delay cancellation of the Tour then the Company still cancels the Tour for the Customer’s non-payment, the cancellation charges set out in Clause 6B shall apply and be payable by the Customer.

(ii) In case of that the Company does not receive the minimum number of bookings to provide the Tour, the Company, at its own discretion, shall be entitled to cancel or curtail the Tour at any time up to 4 weeks prior to the arrival of the Customer and the Customer shall not be entitled to make any claim for loss arising as a consequence of cancellation or curtailment in these circumstances. The Company shall notify the Customer within seven days of cancellation or curtailment necessitated by the foregoing circumstances.

B. Cancellation by the Customer
When the Customer cancels the Tour reservation, the effective date of cancellation will be the date the Company receives written notification. The cancellation charge to the Customer is listed below.
- 30 days or more prior to arrival date: deposit only
- 29 – 15 days prior to arrival date: 50% of the total tour cost
- 14 – 7 days prior to arrival date: 75% of the total tour cost
- 7 days or less prior to arrival date: 100% of the total tour cost

In some special conditions are depending on hotels, restaurant, cruises' cancellation policies, the above conditions may be modified accordingly.

C. Refund of Unused Services
No refunds or exchanges can be made in respect of accommodation, meals, sightseeing tours, transport or any other services which are included in the Tour prices but not utilized by the Tour member.

In terms of children traveling with their parents:
- Infant under 2 years free of charge
- Child from 2 to 11 years stays in parents’ room with extra-bed is charged 50% of the tour fare.
- Child over 12 years old is charged 100% of the tour fare.

- “Force Majeur” means execution of the obligation is impossible such as acts of God, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, fire or other destruction of any vessel, craft or vehicle to be used in connection with a holiday, destruction or damage to holiday accommodation, riots, acts of war, civil commotion, exercise of legislative or government action, municipal or military or other authority, strikes, industrial action, requisition of equipment, mechanical breakdown, shortage of fuel, insolvency or default of any carrier or service connected with the Tour, fraud perpetrated against the Company.
- If as a consequence of “Force Majeure” (as defined above), the Company is obliged to curtail, alter, extend or cancel the Tour, the Customer shall not be at liberty to maintain a claim for compensation or otherwise for any loss arising as a consequence of said curtailment, alteration, extension or cancellation of the Tour.


9.1. The Company is obligated to:
(i) Organize a tour for The Customer according to the itinerary published or confirmed. The tour itinerary is an integral part of this agreement.
(ii) Provide the Customer with the precise and non-misleading information about the tour route, services provided during the tour, means of transport, type, category and level of accommodation, catering. The information must be provided in written form before signing the agreement.
(iii) Provide accommodation services to The Customer, meeting specific accommodation category indicated in the tour itinerary and/or booking confirmation, without indicating the specific provider of accommodation services.
(iv) Provide The Customer with a surname, address, telephone number and e-mail of the tour Company. The information must be provided in written form before leaving for the tour.
(v) Use the personal information provided by The Customer only for the execution of the tour documents. In case The Customer agreed the provided personal information (name, e-mail) may also be collected and used for sending the information about the tours organized by Discovery Indochina Travel Ltd.

9.2. The Customer is obligated:
(i) The Customer is obliged to check their travel documents to ensure that the dates and other information are correct and should notify the Company immediately of any errors or omissions
(ii) The Customer must have a valid passport for at least six (6) months with the appropriate tourist visa
(iii) To provide the tour Company with all information and necessary documents in order to execute this agreement; to arrive on time to the stated initial departure place and to en route places. The Company is not responsible for The Customer’s late arrival to the indicated place. Any costs needed for The Customer’s transfer to the next stop are to be covered by The Customer.
(iv) To follow the tour Company’s indications concerning the implementation of the tour and agree to indemnify the Company against any loss or injury suffered as a result of failing to comply with Crew instructions
(v) To be liable for the damages done during the trip (damaged hotel inventory, transport means, etc.). If a minor is responsible for the damages, all the losses have to be covered by the person responsible for the minor. If The Customer accepts his/her fault and agrees to cover losses, the losses should be covered on the spot. In cases when The Customer does not accept his/her fault, The Company has the right to surcharge the losses according to the order determined by the law Vietnam. The Customer must not cover the loss that appeared due to force majeure.
(vi) To take care of his/her health, life, accident, baggage and other types of insurance. The Company is not responsible for any insurance services.
(vii) To take care of his/her belongings during the tour. The Company is not responsible for the loss of The Customer’s baggage.
(viii) The Customer, the main party of this agreement, must inform the other Customers (other beneficiaries) that the tour is organized only according to the conditions indicated in this agreement, and all the Customers must follow all agreement conditions. The Customer who has made the agreement with The Company is responsible for providing other beneficiaries listed in the agreement with all information provided by The Company.

(i) The terms and conditions contained herein are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the Laws of Vietnam.
(ii) Any dispute arising out if or in connection with the applicable of the terms and conditions contained herein, if not capable of being resolved amicably between the Customer and the Company within 30 days, will be referred to the Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (“VIAC”) for final and binding settlement in accordance with its rules of arbitration. The place of arbitration will be Ha Noi City and the language of arbitration will be English.
(iii) During and without prejudice to the course of arbitration, this Agreement shall continue to be performed.
(iv) Participation on any Tour implies full and unconditional acceptance of the above conditions by the Customer.

11.1. Travel insurance
We strongly recommend that you take out a holiday insurance policy. Travel insurance and medical precautions are essential. We do not give specific advice on these matters as we are expert in neither, and individual circumstances differ. So, please ask your nearby travel agent, or speak to your own insurance broker for any assistance of travel insurance.
We also advise you to tell us the name of the company and its contact details so that we can give notification on your behalf if you are unable to do so in the unlikely event of an accident occurring.

11.2. Travel Document
Passengers must possess a valid passport and are responsible for obtaining necessary visa etc., prior to departure. Finally check with us other necessary preparations subject to different tour types for the whole package tour.

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