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Who need Laos visa?

All foreign visitors to Laos must have a six months valid passport, Laos Visa to enter the country, only citizens of certain countries can visit Laos without entry visa. Those countries include most citizens of ASEAN countries, citizens of Japan, The Republic of Korea, Russia, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Passport holders of these countries are eligible to enter Laos and stay for 15-30 days without a visa.

How to get visa to Laos?

The visas can obtain from Laos Embassies and Consulates abroad. In addition, it’s very easiest way now-a-day to obtain it on arrival at international airports and International border crossing points 

How long is the tourist visa valid for?

Laos visa is valid for 3 months from the date of issue, *NOT* from the date of entry. You can stay 30 days for single entry. 

How can I get Laos visa extension?

Most Laos visa types (except for Transit Visa) are extendable. You can get the Laos visa extension at Travel Agencies/Tour Operators, this option is better for you, because it involves more paper work and it's more complicated and would take you more time and money if you did it yourself at the immigration office in Vientiane. It costs US$2 per day if you apply before the expiry date. However, if you leave it until your visa expires you will be fined for US$10 per day for the days you over stayed.  

How many kinds of Laos visa are there?
  • Tourist Visa, Visa on arrival (30 days maximum stay and extendable)
  • Visit Visa (30 days maximum stay and extendable)
  • Business Visa (30 days maximum stay and extendable)
  • Transit Visa (7 day maximum stay and not extendable)
  • Diplomatic visa (6-12 months and extendable)
  • Official Visa (6-12 months and extendable)
  • Courtesy Visa (6-12 months and extendable)
How much does it cost to get Laos visa on arrival totally?

The visa fee on arrival depends on where country you come from and to be paid directly to the immigration officer upon arrival. Below is the list of visa fee for different countries. If your country is not on the list, it probably costs you $US35 to get the visa or you're not eligible for getting Laos visa on arrival.

Where can I get Laos visa on arrival?

By air at International Airports

  • Wattay International Airport, Vientiane Capital.
  • Luang Prabang International Airport, Luang Prabang province.
  • Pakse International Airport, Champasak province.
  • Savannakhet International Airport, Savannakhet province.
By land at International border crossing points Vietnam - Laos
  • Tay Trang- Sobboun (Laichau, Vietnam to Pongsaly Province)
  • Nameo - Banteui (Thanh Hoa to Huaphanh province)
  • Namkan - NamCan (Nge An to Xiengkhuang province)
  • Keoneua - Namphao (Hatinh to Bolikhamxai province)
  • Lao Bao - Dansavanh (Quang Tri to Savannakhet prov)
  • Bo Y - Phukeua (Kon Tum to Attapu prov)
Thailand - Laos
  • Chiang Khong - Houy Xai (Chiang Rai Province to Bokeo province)
  • Nakaxeng - Kaenthao (Loei province to Sayabouly Province)
  • Nong Khai - Vientiane (Thai-Lao Freindship Bridge No. 1)
  • Nakon Phanom - Thakhaek (Nakon Phanom province to Khammouane province.)
  • Mukdaharn - Savannakhet (Mukdaharn province to Savannakhet province via Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge No.2)
  • Chong Mek - Vangtao (Ubon Rathchathani Province to Champassak Province)
Cambodia - Laos
  • Stung Treng - Veun Kham (Northern Cambodia to Champasack province, southern Laos). Crossing by boats.
  • Dong Kralor - Veun Kham - this road crossing checkpoint is just a few hundred meters from the first crossing point.
How to get Laos visa on arrival at international airport?

It's very simple. Please follow steps below:

  • Line up at the visa section, get the visa application form and fill it out (if you arrive by plain, the form should be given to you before landing).
  • Then hand it in together with your passport, 2 passport sized photos and the Visa fee to the officer, and wait to be called.
How to get Laos visa on arrival at international border crossing points?

It's pretty easy to get the Laos visa on arrival at the Thai – Laos Friendship Bridge. Please follow steps below:

Step 1: Get Visa application form at window #1, and fill it out.

Step 2: Return the completed form with 2 passport sized photos and visa fee, plus over time if you arrive outside working hours, on weekend or Lao public holidays, to the official at window #1 or window #2 if it is active, and wait to be called. (Remember that the visa fee is best paid in US dollars)

Step 3: When you're called, collect your passport with the visa, at window #3 around the corner.

Usually you will get immigration stamp on your passport already when you get the visa, so.... no need to stand in line again at the immigration windows. However, it is a good practice to always check to make sure everything is in order before leaving.

Who CAN get Laos Visa on arrival?

Everyone except for citizens of the countries listed under "Who CANNOT get Laos Visa on Arrival?" below. 

Who cannot get Laos visa on arrival?

Who cannot get Laos visa on arrival?
Effective from 15 October, 2009, travelers holding passports from the following countries are not eligible for Laos Visas on Arrival.

No Countries No Countries
1 Afghanistan 16 Nauru
2 Algeria 17 Niger
3 Bangladesh 18 Nigeria
4 Burundi 19 Pakistan
5 Cameroon 20 Senegal
6 Congo 21 Sierra Leone
7 Cote d’Ivoire 22 Sri Lanka
8 Ghana 23 Suriname
9 Guinea 24 Syria (Syrian Arab republic)
10 Guinea Bissau 25 Swaziland
11 Jordan 26 Tonga
12 Lesotho 27 Turkey
13 Liberia 28 Zambia
14 Libya ( Libyan Arab Jamahiriya ) 29 Zimbabwe
15 Mozambique    

Nationals on the list above must obtain their visas at Laos Embassies or Consulates abroad before entering Laos. However, there is an exception for those nationals who are on official visits and holding a guarantee letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Laos.

What documents do I need to show to get Laos visa on arrival?

To get arrival visa you need to show:

What happens if I forget to bring a photo?

If you don't have photos you will be asked to pay a small fee (few dollars) for scanning your photograph from your passport, and placing it onto your visa application form.

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