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Fastest way to make vietnamese passport

You are Vietnamese citizens? You are working and living in provincial capital such as Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Ha Noi City but you are registering for permanent residence in small provinces, and you don’t want to go your home town to make a new passpport by yourself, have you decided it’s time for your first passport?

The passport is a necessary document to own whether traveling abroad or simply maintaining one for identification purposes. Indochina Discovery Travel can help you get a passport within 2 – 3 working days

In order to make Vietnamese passport, please contact us at (84) 907 160 933 or send us some necessary information via our email info@indochinadiscoverytravel.com
Required information:
• Valid identity card
• Fill in a passport form
• 4 passport-sized photos
• Application form

After receiving these information above we will inform you about the passport service fee and steps of procedures

For pricing, please contact us to get the best possible price via our mail info@indochinadiscoverytravel.com
Cellphone: (+84) 907 160 933

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