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The World-Bays Club recognized Lang Co as the world most beautiful bay

Lang Co Bay (‘Village of the Storks') is located in central Vietnam at the bottom of Hai Van Pass (Pass of the Cloud - 496 m in altitude) which defines two different climatic zones.

It is served by Highway No 1, the central road going to Hue, ancient imperial town classified as a UNESCO World Heritage in 1993, and at a distance of 80 km.

Lang Co is part of a larger natural set up which includes mountains, a river, a lagoon, an island and a beach 32 km in length.

This natural diversity gives way to an important biodiversity notably regarding protected marine species: corals, molluscs, fishes, shellfishes, turtles...

These ecosystems of high biological value are also economically important. Other than in the fishing industry, they are used in the production of everyday utensils (bags, baskets...), fertilizer or even in medical goods (active substances extracted from coral).

Because of its location, its natural and cultural wealth, the bay is part of the national tourism development plan. This plan is supported by Vietnam Government with the wiliness to protect and to enhance these natural and cultural wealth.

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