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Vietnam exempts visas for nationals of 5 Western European countries

Citizens from the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy will be granted visa exemptions when they enter Vietnam for no more than 15 days regardless of their purpose or type of visas.

Pursuant to a newly released government decision, the visa waiver for nationals of the five Western European countries will take effect for one year from July 1st, 2015 until next June.

The policy will be reconsidered and extended in line with Vietnamese law.

Currently Vietnam unilaterally offers visa exemptions for visitors from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, and Russia and a 30-day visa waiver for tourists from the 10-member ASEAN bloc, except for Bruneians who receive a 14 day waiver.

Recently, the Vietnamese government issued a resolution on time-limit visa exemption for citizens of Belarus.

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