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Viet Nam – ‘A World’s Best Country’

Rounding out the top 20 list are Barbados, India, Cuba, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Namibia, Mauritius, Italy, Canada, the US, Peru, Tanzania, Botswana, Japan, Australia, Burma, South Africa, Maldives, and New Zealand.
Viet Nam welcomes its victory in the coveted ‘top value for world travel’ category of the Telegraph Travel Awards 2014, the world’s biggest reader travel awards.
Viet Nam has made the top 20 Telegraph readers’ favourite country list, with votes cast by almost 90,000 people in the widest-ranging travel survey of its kind.
The winning of a prestigious award like this is a great accolade for the country and bodes well for the tourism industry.
Telegraph Travel’s writes – “A slither of a country that somehow packs in quiet beaches, rice paddies and soaring limestone monoliths; some of Asia’s freshest, most inventive food and cities that are absurdly in-your-face, with pagodas alongside skyscrapers, all driven by the buzz of a million motorbikes.”

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