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Vietnam promotes tourism in Norway

The Vietnamese Embassy in Norway recently organized a workshop to promote the country as a tourism destination in the northern European market.

The workshop was part of a campaign to increase the number of Norwegian tourists to Vietnam and enhance people-to-people exchanges, thus contributing to the two countries’ bilateral friendship and multi-faceted cooperation.

Ambassador Le Thi Tuyet Mai introduced the unique cultures and popular destinations in Vietnam to participants, with a special focus on natural and intangible cultural heritages that won UNESCO recognition.

The diplomat also highlighted the visits to Vietnam by King Harald V and Queen Sonja in 2004; and Crown Prince Haakon Magnus and Crown Princess Mette Marit in March 2014.

Traditional Vietnamese dishes were also featured in the workshop.

She said she hoped more Norwegian visitors would come to explore Vietnam and its culture to increase mutual understanding between the two countries’ and enhance their partnership.

Norwegian representatives described Vietnam as a new attractive destination for international holiday-makers.

Vietnam now has seven world intangible heritages listed by UNESCO: Hue ‘s royal court music; Gong space culture in the Central Highlands ; Quan Ho (love duet) singing; the Giong festival; Ca Tru ceremonial singing; Xoan singing; and Worshipping the Hung Kings.

The country is home to numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as Ha Long Bay, Hoi An ancient town, and Hue imperial city. Most recently, the Trang An Tourism Complex in northern Ninh Binh province was recognized as a cultural and natural heritage sit

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